Building Codes, Assessments, and Resilience Designs & Construction Methods

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A changing climate results in the greater frequency of extreme weather events and an increase of sea levels and flood events; each increasing risk exposures of coastal building stocks. In response to such hazards, building codes, designs, and methods of construction are evolving and vulnerability assessments are providing planners, designers, and builders alike with needed data that informs decisions related to a wide gamut of issues, from building placement to risk factors. Ideally, these actions are interconnected, thereby laying the foundation for smarter and increased resilient building. Papers and presentations are encouraged to address such issues, as well as the variety of interconnected types and scales of interventions needed to buttress buildings stocks across the two regions. This session will explore innovations from South Florida and the Caribbean, both in thinking and in practice- from fields such as architecture, engineering, and construction, to evidence how each buttressed building increment contributes towards greater urban resilience.