resilience resilience

Resilience planning and actions enable a society to manage existing or emerging stressors and to recover from an extreme weather event; in either case, advancing and flourishing. Resilience both encourages and emerges from new innovations, patterns, attitudes, and interactions that respond to the necessities of an evolving climate, and in tandem addresses societal challenges and opportunities for betterment. This symposium shall look at issues such as social resilience in communities facing the greatest challenges from climate changes, as well as cities, buildings, and other systems necessarily transforming to withstand climate impacts through design, policy, and assessments.

Disaster Mitigation

With the dire consequences of climate change understood through first-hand experiences by countries across this region, this session seeks to explore how various organizations, non-profits, industries, and leaders are promoting diverse and innovative forms of disaster mitigation. Read more...

Social Resilience, Community Building, and Rural & Urban Habitability

Modifications to human behavior are warranted if any society is to effectively respond to climate challenges. Social norms, economic realities, access to reliable and digestible information, and private interests may impede progress towards those ends. Read more...
urban codes

Building Codes, Assessments, and Resilience Designs & Construction Methods

A changing climate results in the greater frequency of extreme weather events and an increase of sea levels and flood events; each increasing risk exposures of coastal building stocks. Read more...
urban codes

Urban Codes, Policy, Planning, and Design

By 2050, close to 65% of the world population will live in cities and urban areas. Many of these play a vital role in the global economy. Read more...